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60 km from Tallinn, the oldest national park of Estonia.

162,500 acres of land, water and islands east from Tallinn with remains of ancient settlements, swamps, waterfalls, manor houses, fresh-water lakes and primeval forests.
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Restored manorial estates of Palmse and Sagadi (Forestry Museum);
Picturesque 400 year old fishing village Altja;
Captains’ villages Võsu and Käsmu;
Mire and forest paths – a truly unique destination for friends of nature, birdwatchers, mushroom and berry-pickers.

Sightseeing options
A full day tour from Tallinn – drive through the National Park, visit renovated Palmse Manor, Käsmu and Altja fishermen villages, lunch at Altja Tavern, visit to Sagadi Manorial complex with Forestry Museum.
A full day tour from Tallinn – 3,5 km walk in the mire, visit renovated manorial estates.