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Destination Lithuania

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania

Was founded in 1323 at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers. The architectural diversity of Vilnius – its numerous churches, towers, fortifications, secluded medieval courtyards and narrow streets are a testimony of the city’s rich history. The Old Town is a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. It covers 255 ha of the city and has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Castle Hill with Gediminas Castle (14th c)
St. Peter and Paul’s Church – the pearl of Baroque with 200 sculptures
St. Anne’s Church- a gothic masterpiece in red brick
Vilnius University (one of the oldest in Europe, 1579)

Sightseeing options
City tour of Vilnius – 3 hrs, combines drive and walking
Visit of St.Peter and Paul’s Church – ca 45 min
Walking tour of Gediminas Castle – 3 hrs


Open Air Museum – 80 km west of Vilnius, 18 km east of Kaunas on the Vilnius – Kaunas motorway. The museum also stages folk song, folk dance and other ethnic events.

Full day tour from Vilnius (7 hrs)- combines drive and visit of museum
Museum visit can be combined with the visit of Kaunas


26 km south-west of Vilnius, The ancient Lithuanian capital, situated on the Galve Lake. Known for the redbrick Castle that was once a fortress and residence of Grand Dukes and is a museum now.

Half day tour from Vilnius (4 hrs), includes drive and inside inspection. Entrance fee.


103 km west of Vilnius. Lithuania’s second largest town on the delta of rivers Nemunas and Neris. Once the provisional capital and the citadel of Lithuania. Many consider Kaunas more Lithuanian than Vilnius.

Town Hall Square with 16th c houses and splendid churches
Museum of Stained Glass and Sculpture
Ciurlionis Museum
Christ’s Resurrection Church
Ruins of Kaunas Castle.

Sightseeing options
Full day tour from Vilnius (7 hrs) – combines drive and walking in the Old Town


312 km from Vilnius, the largest port in the Baltics and the third largest city in Lithuania.

Old Town with German fachwerk houses
City Hall
Neo-gothic Post Office
The Kogalis
Fortress which houses a Marine Museum and Aquarium, Amber Museum, Clock and Watch Museum.

Sightseeing options
Tailor-made tours available


A summer resort on Kura peninsula with famous sand dunes.

Grand Dune (70 m high)
Thomas Mann’s house museum
Witch Hill with 60 sculptures.


250 km north-west from Vilnius, 3 hrs from Vilnius. Šiauliai dates back to 1236 and is known for many interesting museums and church music festivals.

21 m high sundial
St. Peter and Paul Church

Hill of Crosses

12 km north from Šiauliai, next to the Vilnius-Riga motorway. A shrine of many Catholics, more than 50 000 crosses. The Pope John Paul II visited the hill in 1993.

Can be visited on the way from Riga to Vilnius or vice versa.

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